Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Goodbye Spring

by Kara

The last signs of Spring before the Texas heat dries everything up and turns it all to dust.

 Breakfast from Dai Due - Huevos Rancheros
Grilled Portobello & Peach Burger (Recipe Here)
 Overpriced portobellos and peaches from the Farmers Market
Served with Sweet Potato Fries. AMAZING!
Gardens in my neighborhood.
This guy is a member of 5-Mile Farms
My neighbor's overgrown Rosemary bush that I steal from.
Technically it's on the curb which makes it the city's/taxpayer's bush too.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Date Night

by Kara

Easy Tiger: Bake Shop & Beer Garden (my pick) + Les Misérables (his pick) 

  Hill Country Easy Board & Classic Bratwurst on Pretzel Bun
 The clear winner was the Venison Pate hiding on the top left corner.
Delicious meat butter! 
Waller Creek, next to Easy Tiger
Waller Creek new design plan is expected to be complete in 2012.
Anticipated competition date - 2014!    

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Cork Trivets

by Meghan

A new cork project to accompany this one and this one. Cork trivets!

What you need:

- Metal hose clamp found at your local hardware store ($2 -$4)
- Corks

I got this idea from my new favorite magazine where you can read a complete step by step, Martha Stewart's Whole Living.

Not only is the project super easy and cheap, but it's also a more compact storage solution for cork hoarders like myself and completely reversible if you decide you want to use your cork collection for something else.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Dessert Drink

by Amanda

Need a quick, easy, and delicious drink?  Lover of chocolate?  Try my chocolate milkshake drink!  All you need is 4 ingredients and a rocks glass or martini glass.
  1. Baileys (or off brand such as Carolans) - Irish Cream
  2. 360 Chocolate Vodka
  3. Hershey's Dark Chocolate Syrup
  4. Half and Half
Drizzle chocolate syrup in the glass.  Pour 1/5 half and half, 2/5 chocolate vodka, 2/5 baileys into a shaker with ice.  If you like a creamer drink, more baileys or half and half.  Shake for ~1 minute and then pour contents into glass and enjoy!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Spring Fever

by Kara

Austin’s bipolar weather is making me a little antsy and ready for Spring. I just bought this kit to start my first herb garden as soon as I know we're past the last random snow flurry or freeze.

Here's some inspiration...